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Emily Carriere is an award winning Toronto based artist. Her work explores the notion that the final element completing a work of art is the viewer. Her mixed media artworks feature intricately cut and layered forms, refraining from any direct reference and yet feeling ingrained with familiarity and meaning.The juxtaposition of organic and symmetrical forms manipulated through technology, her own hand and the use of both traditional and commercial materials creates ambiguously enticing forms reminiscent of Rorschach blots. Ultimately the viewers interpretation imbues the work of art with emotion and meaning. Her unique use of material and play of depth draws the viewer in while the abstract nature allows for the viewers boundless interpretation.

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TOAF 2020

2D Works

So Fresh

  • 2020
  • 20.32 x 20.32 x 1.27 cm
  • $195.00

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