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Being a newcomer to a new country the greatest challenge for me now is to continue my journey as a free human being and an artist. There are many things I am eager to learn to make a contribution to the culture of a new city. When I am engaged in my art-making, be it drawing or painting I am at my best and feel harmonious with my surroundings.
I had no idea of how massive the changes in the culture I would experience.
I am coming from the persecuted political family, thank you to my mother, who instilled the love of art from an early age.
One of my greater challenges is learning to talk about one's artwork; it is interesting to be able to explain the history and the process of creating a painting. I never heard the word “network” before I came to this country. I am just beginning to understand it is the meaning and lack of skills in what I understand is a necessary part of getting along professionally in a very large city.

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