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Béatrice Eberhard grew up in Switzerland and studied fine art ceramics at sfgB Bern. In 2000 she immigrated to Canada. Life asked her to become many different things, which is reflected in her work. She is fascinated with connecting different patterns that suddenly paint a new picture. She uses fabric more like she would use paint. The delicate and fragile process of layering small pieces together is important to the meaning of the work.
Finding and transforming “ordinary” material into something new, something surprising, fascinates her. It asks you to take a closer look.
She embraced that even more in her newest work, due to very limited supplies. Art is her passion and no matter how difficult situations are, she will always find a way to create.
Her work is about the thin line between deep connections and falling apart.

For more pictures about her process, go to her Instagram.
For more pictures of a artwork, feel free to contact her per email.

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