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My name is Anastasia Tarkhanova. I am a Russian-Canadian multidisciplinary artist currently working and living in Toronto. In 2020 I graduated from OCAD University with a Bachelor of Design: Illustration, and now I work as a freelance illustrator and mural artist. My work is diverse in its context and forms of expression. I am a constant learner and researcher; a traveler, an explorer and a spiritual practitioner. My thesis "Life Between Lives" explores the concept of the afterlife and the journey of souls between reincarnations. The inspiration comes from my spiritual journey and Dr. M. Newton's book "Journey of Souls". The intention of works is to question the frightful beliefs about death and to reflect on the purpose of our lives.

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TOAF 2020

2D Works


  • 2020
  • 39 x 17.5 cm
    15 3/8 x 6 7/8 inch
  • $35.00

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