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I am an architect turned artist based in Toronto. After receiving a Masters in Architecture from Yale, and a Bachelor in Architecture from the Cooper Union in New York, I began to focus on drawing full time from 2017. My drawing is informed by my architectural education: cognizant of space, focusing on precision, and a diagrammatic relaying of information.
I use drawing as a research tool to study aspects of nature that are both literal and phenomenological. “On Growth” is a drawing series that sets out to study the various forms and scales of growth that are the result of complex processes and environmental factors. I am interested in the liminal components of growth, the ones that are visible but barely noticeable: lenticels, various types of buds, bark scales, shoots, and scars. The decision to use only black pen on paper arose from a desire to edit out unnecessary information, to treat all scales of growth consistently, and to render forms solely with lines and shapes.

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