Artist Testimonials

Hear what participating artists have to say about their experience at the fair.

"My first year showing at TOAF as a student was definitely a life changing experience.  I sold my 3 largest works to a local gallerist within the first hour of the show, and the rest were gone by noon the next day.  These were the first paintings I had ever sold. On top of everything, I was selected for the 1st annual Emerging Artist by Emerging Curator Award, which put me in my first gallery show along with some other very talented artists. The whole experience was thrilling, but most importantly gave me a huge boost of confidence to keep working hard and to believe in the work that I make.  Big thanks to TOAE and your amazing volunteers for a great experience!" - Cristine Yunyk


“2017 was my first time at TOAF. My booth was almost sold out and my sales and commissions from TOAF 2017 exceeded $15,000! One of my pieces was sold whilst I was still unpacking and setting up my booth on Friday morning when an art collector stopped mid-pace to acquire a must-have piece for their corporate collection.” - Anand Jaggernauth

(image credit: Phil Anderson)

"The Toronto Outdoor Art Fair was a huge jumping off point for my career as a fine artist. 2016 was my first time participating in the show, having just graduated from OCAD University. In the course of 3 days, I went from having just a few collectors, to a body of over 30 new loyal collectors who have closely followed my career since. Because of the exposure I had at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, I was able to pack the room at my first solo exhibition, and have had consistent art sales since.” Keight MacLean

(image credit: courtesy of the artist)

"In the heart of a world class city, the TOAF is a great and unique event! With its loyal following it has given us access to customers and galleries who have become core to the growth of our art work and our business.  Also, we get to experience the work of other artists, which we find so enriching and thought provoking.” - Thomas Aitken & Kate Hyde

(image credit: courtesy of the artist)

“I have been an exhibitor at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair since 2013 and strongly recommend this event to any new or established artist. The event is extremely well marketed, organized and attended.  Participating in the TOAF has made a profound impact on my career by giving me incredible exposure to a wide range of serious buyers and talented artists.  The show is an extremely important part of my year as it invariably leads to sales of my work and a broadening of my brand.  From the year-round correspondence to the volunteers who help with set up to the incredibly supportive organizers this event is first class in every respect.  I will certainly apply to the TOAF again this year and would encourage anyone serious about their work and interested in an exceptional event to do the same.” - Mark Brodkin

(Image credit: courtesy of the artist)

"I have been exhibiting at the TOAF for 6 years and it has continued to be one of my favourite shows to participate in. The show is well advertised, organized by a great team of staff and volunteers. It is one of the most loved art shows from art collectors and shoppers who want something truly unique, it's encouraging to hear that they remember me every year. Its great for promoting your brand, building your clientele, and establishing an artistic presence." - Theresa Duong

(Image credit: Sean Howard)

“Exhibiting at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair was a bit of a next step/dream come true all wrapped up into one fantastic weekend show.  After showing in Guelph and my surrounding area I knew that Toronto was a logical next step. The experience was everything I had hoped for and more as the crowd were definitely art lovers.  I was so glad that I brought an inventory of small to large pieces as I ended up selling all sizes which was a surprise to me!  People bought from all walks of life - from a food truck owner to Doctors and other professionals.  A few people came by just to tell me that my work had affected them on a spiritual level and they had tears in their eyes.  Moments like that I will never forget.  I learned so much from the artists around me too.  Everyone was so friendly and willing to share their knowledge with a newbie like me. It was really a big family out there as we were all there to share a little bit of our hearts and souls - our art.”Noella Upitis Witte 

I spent a few summers in the early 80’s at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair with my work. It was a great experience meeting fellow Torontonians and tourists and having a chance to tell my story. I even sold a few prints which made the experience that much better!"
- Edward Burtynsky

"I did the TOAF directly upon graduating from OCA (now called OCAD University). There was a small group of us from the art college that all decided to do this together for moral support.  I remember lugging my work there in those plastic milk crates and then trying to set up a decent display on a very low budget! I did sell a few pieces at the show and occasionally have run into people all these years later who remind me that they bought a piece there for a VERY reasonable price and how happy the work has made them over the years. I was happy that they took a chance on me, a young unknown artist.   I also had a lot of fun and made great trades with other artists and learned how to handle myself in this kind of public situation. I think all young artists should do this show and learn what there is to be learned from the whole experience!"

Barbara Astman