Toronto Outdoor Art Fair is a small, community minded, charitable arts organization. We are committed to maintaining our values through all of our operations.

Maintaining Accessibility

Toronto Outdoor Art Fair offers an accessible gateway to the arts by providing opportunities for direct artist engagement and direct sales in an outdoor gallery that’s open to everyone.

Continuing a Rich Tradition and Celebration of Artistic Talent

We are Toronto's first, largest, and longest running outdoor art fair, a staple of Toronto’s arts scene, a treasure hunt for collectors, and a fun, exhilarating and proud celebration of the arts, the artists and their talent.

Remaining Contemporary and Relevant

Our fair strives to be a high quality, highly anticipated, relevant and competitive event that promotes unique, contemporary and diverse art, innovative art forms, and a memorable intersection of artists, audiences, and artworks.

Advancing Opportunities for Artists

We provide a showcase for emerging and established artists to gain exposure, interact with and sell original artwork to engage collectors, and create an inclusive platform for advancement, support and respect for artists and the arts. 

Promoting Education and Engagement

Toronto Outdoor Art Fair is dedicated to the promotion and study of the arts in Toronto and across Canada, and seeks to advance the public’s knowledge and appreciation of painting, sculpture and other art forms.

Providing a Forum for Cultural Enrichment

We provide a dynamic forum for cultural enrichment and artistic innovation, facilitating the promotion of high quality art, artists, and new art forms.

Ensuring a High Quality Experience

We are committed to providing smoothly functioning, memorable and enjoyable fairs and programming for all involved.

Creating Community

Toronto Outdoor Art Fair seeks to create community among artists and between artists and the public.