(Posted March 15, 2018)

The Toronto Outdoor Art Fair is seeking an energetic, organized, friendly and passionate Volunteer Coordinator to recruit and coordinate over 200 volunteers for the 57th edition of Toronto Outdoor Art Fair from July 5 - 8 at Nathan Phillips Square.

We are a small not-for-profit art organization delivering a large-scale, demanding and fast-paced event with very modest resources. We always do more with less. Therefore, we need you to be resourceful, autonomous and have great agility and mental flexibility.

This is a contract position, starting in April and finishing with post-mortem and volunteer appreciation event in the final weeks of July.

Responsibilities include:

  • Develop and execute volunteer recruitment strategy by using existing volunteer database, as well as researching and identifying new opportunities

  • Recruit the required number of skilled volunteers well ahead of the Exhibition  

  • Coordinate the procurement of volunteer t-shirts, snacks and food

  • Maintain and update volunteer database and software

  • Receive and process volunteer requests from key staff

  • Identify volunteer roles and shifts by different scope of activities

  • Develop roles for volunteer captains

  • Interview prospective volunteer captains and create a training plan that enables them to act as ambassadors of TOAF and leaders of other volunteers

  • Develop a comprehensive, easy to remember training presentation including event info, AODA and accessibility information, health and safety, FAQs and customer service etiquette

  • Ensure volunteers are well-versed and well-informed of the event and their tasks

  • Be prepared to lead conflict resolution between volunteers and the artists or staff and to respond to unexpected issues and emergencies

  • Attend key staff meetings leading up to the Exhibition

  • Be present at all times during the four days of Exhibition to provide in-person supervision for volunteers, to delegate and re-assign volunteers as needed

  • Create post-show report with recommendations

  • Assist in planning and execution of the volunteer reception and recognition


  • 1 - 3 years experience in volunteer management, community outreach, event or staff management

  • Exceptional people management skills

  • Agile, resourceful, and autonomous

  • Be able to engage, motivate, and lead large numbers of people

  • Comfortable speaking in front of large groups

  • High degree of physical and emotional stamina to deal with challenges of demanding and fast-paced large-scale outdoor event

  • Be available to work flexible hours (long hours during the event) and attend key staff meetings

  • Prior experience managing volunteers in similar cultural events and festivals is a great asset

The Toronto Outdoor Art Fair is an equal opportunity employer.                                                                       

How to Apply:

To apply, submit a resume and cover letter attached as a PDF by email only to [email protected]
PLEASE USE THE SUBJECT LINE: Volunteer Coordinator Position



(Posted April 2018)

The Toronto Outdoor Art Fair is seeking a diligent, organized and enthusiastic Production Assistant Intern to join the team as we prepare for our 57th Exhibition!

As an intern, you will experience first-hand what it takes to plan and execute a large-scale outdoor art event. We hope you will leave having learned how to make big things happen with a small-but-mighty team!

You'll get to work on things like:

  • Sourcing equipment, suppliers & performance groups
  • Creating & managing site plans, maps and inventories
  • Researching and experiencing other large-scale Toronto events
  • Attending site and sponsor visits
  • The Exhibition! We’ll need your help and leadership onsite to execute another successful year from July 5-8 at Nathan Phillips Square.

During your internship, we want you to:

  • Work smart: be efficient, focused, critical and adaptable
  • Communicate: ask questions, vocalize ideas, poke holes and team up
  • Create: we want to know about your ideas and how they can add to TOAF
  • Find your groove: there will be times of independent work; time-management and focus is key!
  • Learn: think about what this experience will give you moving forward in your education and your career
  • Enjoy: find the humour in the challenges and celebrate the small victories

This internship is a perfect fit for someone who is interested in the “behind-the-scenes” of large-scale event and production management in a volunteer position. There will be opportunities to develop your own systems, relationships and put forward ideas that will benefit our not-for-profit, and we are eager to have an excited and fresh individual join our team! We will have you work alongside the team in the office for 2 days/week in April & May, and 3 days/week June-July as we approach the show! This is an unpaid position.

Please send your resume & letter of intent to Jane Van Rooyen, Logistics & Operations Manager ([email protected])

PLEASE USE THE SUBJECT LINE: Production Assistant Position