Family Fun

Enjoy our free family activities!

Budding Art Buyers

Designed by ArtLove Envoy, Tiffany Pratt

No adults allowed! This magical space is designed by our ArtLove Envoy, Tiffany Pratt, and for young art collectors ONLY! TOAF artists have donated small artworks that are available for purchase to only young art lovers 14 years old and under. Works are priced at $10, $15, $20 and proceeds will go back to TOAF’s family programs. Let’s nurture the next generation of art admirers and collectors together! 
*Artworks available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Cash only.

Be prepared to be swept away by Tiffany Pratt’s contagious energy and her passion for art. Her undeniable warmth and sparkle will convince you of the power of art to change and re-imagine your everyday life. Learn more about Tiffany Pratt.

'I Want It!'

A 15 minute chat for kids only with Taiga Lipson

Come for an exclusive chat for kids 14 and under! Taiga shares secrets from the memories of her art-filled early years. Let’s talk about how it feels to look at art. It can be as exciting as seeing a toy you really want for your birthday or making a new friend. Art can make you excited, or sad, curious, or confused, and how important all of those feelings are to think about every day.

Taiga was born and raised among the artists of 17 Morrow Ave, and as the third generation to enter the business she was trained to understand and cultivate the ethos of Olga Korper Gallery. Taiga curates the exhibitions and art fairs, writes the essays and press, manages the social media, and gives regular tours and talks inside the gallery and out. She is treasurer of the Art Dealer’s Association of Canada and on the committees for Art/TO and MOCA Gala 2018. Having grown up in the art world, Taiga is deeply passionate about art literacy. She aims to bridge the often-intimidating gap between art and viewer, to encourage engaging and meaningful experiences with conceptual contemporary art.

Making Magic

By The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery

The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery has partnered with Toronto Outdoor Art Fair to offer six, one-hour Power Kids sessions drawing upon the work of artist Kima Lenaghan, TOAF 2018 Best of Student award winner. Lenaghan’s illustrations are inspired by narratives of magic, environmentalism and consciousness. In this workshop, TOAF visitors are invited to create mini-illustrations following the artist’s playful yet thoughtful narratives. First, we will paint different shapes and blobs using watercolour, brushes, straws and salt. Then, using markers, we will challenge ourselves to turn our shapes into animals, people and objects to create mini illustrations of magical worlds!

Artworks by Kima Lenaghan