Visitor Services

Information Booth

Friday July 6th, 10 am - 7 pm
Saturday July 7th, 10am - 7 pm
Sunday July 8th, 10 am - 5 pm 

You can find the TOAF Information Booth in the centre of the Info Hub, ljust south of the Beer Garden. The Information Booth is staffed by our amazing team and volunteers. Any questions you have about the Fair, the site, artist locations or the weekend's events can be answered here!

First Aid

Located in the Information Hub, adjacent to the TOAF Information Booth, St. John's Ambulance Medical First responders are onsite for all Fair hours.

TOAF would like to acknowledge the ongoing generosity of St. John's Ambulance in providing this service.

Drinking Water

The City of Toronto is proud of its quality drinking water, and wants to share it with you. To stay hydrated (and green at the same time) leave your disposable water bottles at home and refill your reusable bottles at the H2OToGo mobile drinking water fountains. They even have a doggy bowl for our fine furred friends! Open during all Fair Hours.

Location: Immediately adjacent to the Beer Garden, just south of the stage in the Information Hub.

Public Washrooms

A bank of public washrooms will be made available to you onsite in another location so you never have to go too far!

Location: North side of the Skate Pavillion Building, adjacent to the Info Hub. 

PI Fine Art

PI Fine Art has been the framing partner of Toronto Outdoor Art Fair since 2005. Stop by with all of your practical art inquires. Some of the many fantastic services they offer include:

  • Expert advice on how to frame a piece of art
  • Professional wrapping services
  • Professional art hanging services
  • Shipping services in and outside the city of Toronto and more

Location: South of the TOAF Info Booth and Beer Garden.

Food Vendors

Some of Toronto's best food vendors will be onsite throughout the weekend to keep you fed & fuelled while you enjoy the Fair! Located in various locations around Nathan Phillips Square.

Tropic Love Concessions/Luv Puffs
Have your fruit and drink it too. Tropic Love Concessions is returning to TOAF with the concept of “fruit in a fruit”, because what is more fun than drinking watermelon from a watermelon? Check out their other fresh, fruity treats.

Buster’s Sea Cove
Bustling seafood joint featuring sandwiches, grilled fare, soups, salads & fish n’ chips. A staple of the St. Lawrence Market, BSC will be onsite in their food truck at TOAF! You can see their amazing seafood menu on their website. 

Vital Link Ice Cream
Vital Link Ice Cream is a Canadian company that has dealt with special market events and ice cream retail for over 40 years. You can catch a refreshing treat at the VitalLink Mobile Carts at various spots of the Fair.

The Food Dudes
As leaders of the Toronto food truck industry, The Food Dudes will be onsite to deliver the ideal combination of taste and value. Ahead of the curve in creating a craze around food trucks in the city, the Food Dudes are always on the lookout for new and inspired methods of bringing the finest meals and the friendliest encounters to the people of Toronto. Find the calendar for the truck & the Dudes.

Heirloom focuses on the true nature of where their food comes from. Working with local farmers and artisan suppliers, Heirloom thrives on using as much as they can from Ontario. Known for their unique fusion cuisine, heirloom brings chef-oriented dishes to the streets of Toronto. Also known for their creative dessert, homemade cheesecake on a stick!

Propeller Coffee Co.
At Propeller, we hold ourselves to the highest coffee standards. Our mission is to source and roast the world’s best coffees and help lead the charge on sustainability, social impact and the empowerment of our local & global partners.

La Limonada
Fresh squeezed lemonade and variations like Tropical Mango Lemonade, Summer Strawberry Lemonade and Muskoka Blueberry Lemonade (to name a few) and Doubles, a vegan Trinidadian street food made of curried chickpeas, made fresh daily.

Phancy Food and Catering
Food is the touchstone of memory, and Phancy Food & Catering wants to make your meal unforgettable. With dishes that are both nostalgic and multicultural-inspired, we are reinventing the comfort food classics with a modern twist.