Henderson Brewing Co. Beer Garden

Beer Garden Hours

Friday July 6th, 12 pm - 9 pm
Saturday July 7th, 12 pm - 7 pm
Sunday July 8th, 12 pm - 5 pm

Once again, we are turning the beautiful stage on Nathan Phillips Square into a unique beer garden that cascades down the stairs. Make sure to stop by Henderson Brewing Co. beer garden and watch the world go by as you take a sip of your ice cold drink! Take in the views of the city's best artists, showcasing a stunning array of artworks for you to enjoy and buy! 

Our friends at Henderson Brewing Co. are bringing you our third exclusive craft beer and custom label. This year’s beer, a tart and fruity dry hopped kettle Sour, is inspired by a collaboration between emerging brewers and our emerging artist Katrina Jurjans, winner of 2017 Best of Student and Painting. These labels are fast becoming collectible items so make sure to visit the brewery in person to get a bottle for your collection.

Here the story behind our collaboration

"Every artist is a story teller. The art that they make is meant to stir something, communicate something, like a magical adjective that can add colour and context in a way that brings a story to life the way they want it. A painting, a sculpture, a photograph, a beer. A beer? How does that fit in? At Henderson, we also try to tell stories through our beer. That is why we partnered with Toronto Outdoor Art Fair. Not only are we proud to be the official beer of the event and welcome artists and patrons alike into our beer garden, but we have also brewed a special beer for the event.

Each month we use a Toronto story as motivation for a special beer and for July we are telling the story of Toronto Outdoor Art Fair. What inspires us most about the event is the young artists who bring a fresh look to their work. To bring this to life, we work with a young brewer and a young artist to create this custom brew."

Each label is created by an emerging artist from the previous year - in 2016 Nicole Moss created a stunning collage piece paying tribute to TOAF's founder Murray Koffler and last year Kaley Flowers animated the beer label with her whimsical figures.

Take a look below for the 2018 Beer Label, designed by last year's Best of Student and Best of Painting award winner, Katrina Jurjans.