Eyes of Society

A curated exhibition of outstanding works of social commentary

Location: Booth D273 in Zone D

The Eyes of Society exhibition by the New Regionalism Project showcases outstanding pieces of social commentary, and creates an awareness of the correlation between free expression in the arts, and an open, democratic society. The works in this exhibition demonstrate that not only can art be about something, it can also reflect the aesthetic traditions of skill and craftsmanship while remaining cutting-edge and modern.

Clare Allin, Francesca Chan, Stephen Hayes, Julia Hepburn, Emanuel Pavao, Azadeh Pirazimian, Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart, Anthony Taylor, Mariana Topfstedt, and Yaohua Yan 

To see additional works of socially engaged art, pick up a copy of the map at D273, or dowload it here and take the self-guided tour. 

The recipient of this year's Social Commentary award will be chosen by the artists of Eyes Of Society exhibition at the Robert Bateman Centre in Victoria: April SGaana Jaad White, Anja Karisik, Sophie Lavoie, Jim Hart, Gwaai Edenshaw, Jaalen Edenshaw, Gary Landon, Andrew Cheddie Sookrah and W. David Ward.