Hanging Garden

an elusive garden upturned - an Installation by PLANT Architect Inc.

PLANT has made a studio practice centered around putting a lens on the landscape to heighten the sensual experience and the understanding of the landscapes we inhabit. We use many means including framing, sequencing, contrasting, pointing, shifting scale, and occupying. Sometimes, we just need to turn it upside down to see it anew, The Hanging Garden does just that.  

PLANT Architect Inc. is a collaborative practice that branches into architecture, landscape, research, and design – with a special focus on creating work at the intersections of art, landscape, and built form. Our studio operates across spatial scales and disciplinary borders to reveal a site’s history and build important connections between people, places, and ideas.

The Nathan Phillips Square Revitalization, by PLANT Architect Inc. and Perkins+Will Canada in Joint Venture, received a 2016 Governor General’s Medal in Architecture.