Citizens of Craft

A curated showcase of excellence in contemporary craft by our friends at Craft Ontario

The Craft Ontario Citizens of Craft Exhibition showcases excellence in contemporary craft, featuring work from eight skilled members:

Korinna Azreiq, Joe Bauman & Dayna Gedney, Marie Eve Castonguay, Courtney Downman, Becky Lauzon, Tania Love, and Joon Hee Kim

Citizens of Craft is a national project, led by Craft Ontario, in participation with the provincial and territorial craft councils of Canada, and the Canadian Crafts Federation. The goals of this project are to clarify and deepen the public’s understanding of craft and make craft more broadly accessible to Canadians.

Craft Ontario is a member based, nonprofit arts service organization that builds infrastructure for craftspeople and creates opportunities for the public to engage with craft across the province. Craft Ontario works to provide opportunities that range from business development resources, exhibition and retailing, platforms for critical debate such as Studio Magazine, and partnerships with other like-minded organizations.

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